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Alberto Rosado’s piano playing is really interesting. He finds impossible sounds in Ricercata Music...colourful chords in Vingt Regards sur l’enfant Jesús...imprecise forms with uninterrupted rests... and fading developments in a Landscape. His is a minutely detailed route as personal as the twentieth century piano music to which he is dedicated. An easily accessible place if it is done in the company of someone loaded with resources, technically brilliant and imaginatively gifted

Recording ***** (reference) in the ABC Cultural (nº537)
Alberto González Lapuente

The recreation by Alberto Rosado of these pieces is extraordinary, knowing how to evoke without excesses all the harmonic and sound complexity... he achieves an admirable version of dynamic subtleties and sound coherence.

"Recommended recording" on CD.
Marius McGuinness.

A pleasant surprise, for its intrinsic importance and its own influence, the appearance of this CD in which the pianist Alberto Rosado takes on a suggestive program with great artistic talent ...Listen to this compact and enjoy its content, freshness, and modernity.

SCHERZO (nº165)
José Guerrero Martín.

The virtuosity and involvement of Rosado in a unique recording.

RITMO (nº742)
David Cortés Santamarta

Commendable work in favour of modern day music is being undertaken by the pianist Alberto Rosado...Musician who already enjoys international exposure, unites his undisputed capacity with the up and coming record label VERSO

Magazine 101 of Diverdi.
Manuel Luca de Tena.

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