Alberto rosado


Anyone who has followed my evolution in recent years will know that I have devoted a great deal of my time to the study of the interaction between piano and electronics. First it was with the recording of the project e-piano_video&electronics and then with my final master's work that will lead, if all goes well, to a doctoral thesis. In addition, I continue to program in concerts new music for piano and electronics combined with classics for this formation of the twentieth century.


The first step for research in the field of piano and electronics I have taken with this work on models of interaction between performer and electronic media in Spanish music for piano and electronics. I share the PDF of my Master's Thesis in this link.

Master's Thesis

Master's Thesis

In 2009 I started a project that crystallized with the recording of a DVD in 2015. I recorded works by Paredes, Estrada, Fuentes, Morales-Ossío, Humet, Edler-Copes and Navarro. Several of them were commissions and all of them, except for Navarro's work, include the possibility of playing together with video art images. I copy the link to the YouTube promotional video.

e-piano project


The complete DVD recording can be purchased on the IBS-Classical website.

I+D by Iñaki Estrada. From the DVD "e-piano"

Tortured vinyl by Jesús NAVARRO, included in the CD-DVD e-piano_video&electronics

SEPT by Cristian Morales. Recorded from the DVD "e-piano".

Due to the quarantine caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, I turned my studio into a recording room. With a couple of video cameras and a small audio system, the last month of "confinement" I set out to make a series of recordings that will later be continued, hopefully under another name.
During this time, I recorded the four works of the in termini estremi cycle by Carlos D. Perales and I made a Mexico-Argentine-Spanish production, which was captured in a video of the work Las Pupilas de la Luna by Georgina Derbez.
My intention is to continue recording, in the most professional way possible, Spanish and Latin American works for solo piano or piano with electronics in order to disseminate them as much as possible. 


Legatissimo, "In termini estremi nº2" for piano and electronics (2018) by Carlos D. PERALES. 

Dolcissimo, "In termini estremi nº1" for piano and electronics (2018) by Carlos D. PERALES

Pochissimo, "In termini estremi nº4" for piano and electronics (2020) by Carlos D. PERALES.


Las Pupilas de la Luna by Georgina DERBEZ (2020). Photographs of "Las Horas Negras" (2012) by Patricia ARIDJIS. Video designed by Sebastián TORRELLA R. and edited by Cristian ROSSI.

Non linear recurrences (2017) from the II book of "Metaludios" by Gustavo DÍAZ-JEREZ. 

Tangible (2011 2012) for piano, electronics and video Raquel GARCÍA TOMÁS, music Pere GINARD, video. 

Adagissimo, In termini estremi, nº3 (2019), for piano and electronics by Carlos D. Perales.

Disparate Volante (2009), Arturo FUENTES for piano, video&electronics. Emmanuel FLORES, video-art