Alberto rosado


Works by Edler-Copes, Fuentes, Estrada, Navarro, Humet, Paredes and Morales

Recorded at the Liceo Theatre in Salamanca in 2015 for the label IBS Classical and with the support of the BBVA Foundation

Humet: Homenaje a Martha Graham
After the poem by Mario Lucarda. 
Claron MacFadden, Alberto Rosado, Kakizakai Kaoru and Neopercusión. 

Recorded at the Zaragoza's Auditorium. July 2014.

NEU Records.

Jose Manuel López López. Concertos
Piano Concerto and Movimientos for two pianos and Orchestra (with Juan Carlos Garvayo)
Deutsches Symphonic Orchester Berlin
Johannes Kalitzke, cond.

Recorder Berlin Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin-Dahlem, November 24-26th, 2009.


György Ligeti, Concertos
Ligeti Piano Concerto
Plural Ensemble. Fabián Panisello, cond.

Recorded in Salamanca, November 2005.

NEOS with the support of the BBVA Foundation

José Manuel López López
Piano Music

Recorded in Madrid. September 2006, 8th, 9th and 10th.

VERSO label

Cristóbal Halfter
Music for piano[s] 
Alberto Rosado & Juan Carlos Garvayo

5th and 6th may 2007
Miguel Delibes Auditorium,

VERSO label.

Works for cello and piano by spanish and Latin American composers.

David Apellániz (cello) and Alberto Rosado (piano). 
Conservatorio Superior de Música of Castilla and León. 2012

VERSO with the support of the BBVA Foundation

Nueva creación sinfónica 4.
Fabián Panisello: Movements for piano and orchestra
ORCAM. Susana Mälkki, conductor.
Alberto Rosado, piano.
Live recording. 2010

Music Ricercata
Works by Ligeti, Messiaen, Takemitsu and Cage
Auditorium of the Professional Conservatory of Salamanca.
August 1999
VERSO label

Monograph by Fabián Panisello
Plural Ensemble
January and June 2002
Plural Ensemble (Conductor: Fabián Panisello)
Record label COL LEGNO

César Camarero
Música de Cámara.
Plural Ensemble
Alberto Rosado plays in: "Finale", for solo piano, "Klangfarbenphonie" and "Reverso 2".
Published in 2009
VERSO label

La Grande Celeste
Music by José Manuel López López and image by Pascal Auger
Alberto Rosado performs: Octandre de Varese (piano transcription by José Manuel López López)
Finestra in the Chigiana 2000
Published in 2013
VERSO label (DVD+CD)

José Manuel López López
Works for soloists and ensemble.
With Plural Ensemble, 
Fabian Panisello, dir.
Alberto Rosado plays on: El arte de la siesta (piano part).
Published in 2008

Fabian Panisello
Trumpet Concerto - Chamber Concerto - Violin Concerto
Plural Ensemble/ Marco Blaauw/ Fabián Panisello (dir.).
Alberto Rosado plays on: Trumpet Concerto and Chamber Concerto.
Published in 2015.

Camarero: Obras de cámara y Musica de danza ; Plural Ensemble (Soloists), Academia de música contemporánea de da JONDE - Panisello.
Alberto Rosado performs: Pulsión (2007) , Música para inducir al sueño (2005), Nostalgia de un paisaje futuro (2004).
Published in 2009.

José Luis Turina
Música de cámara
Plural Ensemble
Interpreta: Túmulo de la mariposa
with Carmen Domínguez and David Apellániz.
Published in 2013.
VERSO label

Estrenes en la Pedrera
Ramón Humet
Escenes del Bosc IV

Premiere of the work recorded live at La Pedrera, Barcelona
Recorded in 2009.

Published in 2011

Obra social de La Caixa

Hilda Paredes: Señales
Ensemble Recherche, Irvine Arditti, Adrian Sandi, Ensemble Signal.
Alberto Rosado performs "Páramo de voces".
Published in 2016.
MODE Records

Fabian Panisello (1963):
Vocal music.
Leigh Melrose, baritone
Laia Falcón, soprano, Plural Ensemble.
Alberto Rosado performs: Gothic Songs and Canciones de Silvia.
Published in 2013.

ANTONIO JOSE: Sinfonia castellana / Suite ingenua / El mozo de mulas (Suite)
Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León - Alejandro Posada.
Alberto Rosado performs "Suite Ingenua".
September 28th, 2005. Valladolid.
Edited by NAXOS

Polifonía Kompositen.
Alberto Rosado performs: Three pieces for piano and trio by F. Panisello
Live recording, June 7, 2004
Katrin Rabus Gallery
Plural Ensemble
For the Cervantes Institute Bremen

"Fin du Temps", a CD in which we have put a lot of illusion and a work that began years ago with the meeting of the four musicians in the Cathedral of León, does not stop receiving praised reviews in the majority of European specialised magazines. The extra enthusiasm of Paco Moya and the refinement of both the sound recording and the subsequent editing make this album unique. First recording of Takemitsu's Quatrain in Spain and one of the only ones in the world, together with Messiaen's monumental Quartet. It has been a great pleasure to participate in this work together with José Luis Estellés, Aitzol Iturriagagoitia and David Apellániz.